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35,000,000,000 Reasons Bruce Braley is Out of Touch

A new Congressional Budget Office  study reveals that delaying ObamaCare’s individual mandate by just one year would save taxpayers $35 billion. Despite strong opposition to ObamaCare in Iowa and these significant cost savings, Bruce Braley (D-IA) refuses to consider delaying the individual mandate.  Once again, Bruce Braley puts the Obama agenda ahead of what is best for Iowans.

For years, Braley has ignored the fact that ObamaCare:

In Iowa, Braley openly brags about supporting the health care overhaul, but the fact is that ObamaCare is causing health care costs to rise. The Wall Street Journal reports: “…Rick Levi, a business owner in Des Moines, Iowa…currently spends about $140,000 a year on insurance premiums to cover 25 managerial staff at his business, Consolidated Management, which runs cafeterias at schools, offices and jails. Under the new law, he will have to offer insurance to all of his 102 full-time employees starting in January. Assuming all of them take the coverage, Mr. Levi says the cost of premiums could exceed $500,000.”Meanwhile, Iowans are outraged.

Even the White House is delaying parts of the disastrous law – such as the employer mandate. The problem is that Bruce Braley has become too comfortable in Washington and has abandoned middle-class men and women, leaving them to face the burden of ObamaCare’s individual mandate.

“ObamaCare is causing health care costs to rise, workers’ hours to be cut back, and jobs to be eliminated but Bruce Braley doesn’t seem to care. Certainly businesses deserve relief from ObamaCare, but what about struggling middle-class workers?” asked NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “Rather than supporting a delay in the individual mandate that would save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, Braley continues to brag about ObamaCare, showing just how out-of-touch with middle-class Iowans he’s become.”

The Braley Record:

In July 2013, Braley Voted Against Delaying The Individual Mandate For One Year. “Passage of the bill that would delay for one year, until the start of 2015, the requirement in the 2010 health care overhaul that most individuals maintain health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.” (H.R. 2668, CQ Vote #363: Passed 251-174: R 229-1; D 22-173, 7/17/13, Braley Voted Nay)

But Braley Voted To Delay The Employer Mandate For One Year. “Passage of the bill that would delay for one year, until the beginning of 2015, the requirement in the 2010 health care overhaul that businesses with 50 or more full-time employees provide health insurance to their workers or pay a penalty. It also would delay by one year associated reporting requirements for employers and insurance providers.” (H.R. 2667, CQ Vote #361: Passed 264-161: R 229-1; D 35-160, 7/17/13, Braley Voted Yea)

(Via NRSC)

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