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Advancing Conservative Principles Through Educational Freedom

The Iowa Legislature yesterday afternoon approved significant education liberty items when the Iowa House voted 91-0 and the Iowa Senate 40-10 to pass the conference committee report released by the joint House-Senate education reform conference committee.  Governor Terry Branstad is expected to sign the legislation.

RPI Chair, A.J. Spiker, and co-chair, David Fischer, released a statements about this landmark legislation.

“The Republican Party of Iowa is proud to have taken a bold stand for our platform in advocating that advancing educational freedom be a non-negotiable part of any discussion of comprehensive education reform,” said A.J. Spiker, Iowa GOP Chair.

Iowa GOP Co-Chair, David Fischer, added, “The Republican Party of Iowa is committed to advancing our conservative principles as reflected in our platform.  Education freedom is a foundational part of our platform and we were proud to play a role in advocating for non-public education alternatives to be made simpler and more affordable for Iowa families.  We know competition and a free market is what rewards excellence and innovation and will result in the best outcomes for Iowa’s kids.”

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