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Braley Fails Struggling Students on Loans


Washington, D.C. - In less than two weeks, loan rates for Iowa students will double from 3.4% to 6.8%, yet Bruce Braley is doing nothing to help them.  Braley would rather toe the party line than rally behind a solution to help Iowa college students who are already struggling to stay above water.

Last year, Braley called on Congress to “act immediately” to prevent a spike in student loan rates because “Our colleges and universities are avenues of economic opportunity.” 

Yet, when Braley had the chance to vote for a long-term solution…

Bruce Braley Voted Against A Bill To Extend A Lower Rate For Student Loans. (H.R. 1911, CQ Vote #183: Passed 221-198: R 217-8; D 4-190, 5/23/13, Braley Voted Nay)

Why did Bruce Braley have a sudden change of heart? Because New York Senator Chuck Schumer told him to.  According to Roll Call, Schumer said the student loan issue was “a messaging winner for democrats.” Meanwhile, college students are left without a sound solution to prevent loan rates from doubling and time is running out.

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