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Congressman Tom Latham-District 3

Tom was born and raised in Alexander, Iowa, a town of 168 people in Franklin County. He and his wife Kathy raised their family just down the road from the family business and the family Century Farm. Tom is a proud farmer and former small business owner with his brothers of Latham Seeds, a soybean farming operation and facility that was founded by his late father Willard Latham in 1947 and is now being run by the third generation of the family – a true Iowa family business success story.Tom is driven by the belief that Washington would work much better with a good dose of Iowa common sense. He strives every day to put people before politics and progress before partisanship.  While serving Iowans in Congress, Tom has earned a strong reputation of working with colleagues on both sides of the political aisle to achieve common-sense results.
Tom knows what it takes to make a payroll, grow a business and keep a farming operation productive because he has done it.  His number one priority is fighting for policies that promote job growth and a strong economy. Tom’s comprehensive regulation reform legislation eliminates outdated, costly regulations and makes Washington bureaucrats listen to the voices of the people, bringing certainty back to America’s workplace and opening the door for massive job creation.

He supports a Balanced Budget Amendment that takes away Washington’s blank-check mentality and he is known for cutting the spending he controls. Tom has authored bold legislation that identifies and targets government waste using the same methods that successful companies all over America to provide a savings of at least one in every four dollars currently spent by the federal government.

Healthcare decisions should always be between patients and their doctors and not decided by a faceless Washington bureaucrat. Tom has authored common-sense legislation that lowers insurance and health care costs for Iowans, expands their access to health care, protects patients through insurance reforms and removes government intrusion into our personal health care decisions. Tom’s work addresses the flaws and inadequacies in our health care system without destroying what works well, without increasing our deficits, and without resorting to the big-government approach at the heart of the nation’s new health care law.

Tom Latham spends every day working hard to improve the lives of Iowans and to protect the promise of the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.  He has an optimistic vision in the potential for a secure and bright future for every American at every stage of their life – from their youth through their retirement years.