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Iowa State House Candidates


Kraig Paulsen                                          Linda Upmeyer
Speaker of the House                             House Majority Leader

A Message from Iowa House Republican Leadership



In 2010 the House Republican message resonated with Iowans. We recruited solid candidates who worked hard and with your help we reclaimed the majority in the Iowa House. While we saw much success in 2010, we are not satisfied with simply maintaining the majority; we are focused on INCREASING our advantage. So far we have outraised our opponents by over half a million dollars!

We have already seen our candidates in action during this primary season, going to work to connect with voters in their districts and win in November. The political environment in Iowa and nationwide is once again in our favor.

House Republicans have a proven record of fostering growth at no cost to the taxpayer, easing the tax burden on Iowans and creating an environment where employers can put people back to work. Once again these are the issues that are in the minds of voters in 2012.

With hard work and well-funded campaigns, we are once again poised to not only come back in the majority, but make even larger gains in the Iowa House in 2012!


Kraig Paulsen                                                 Linda Upmeyer
Speaker of the House                                  House Majority Leader