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Every Day is An Adventure at the Iowa Capitol

Every day is an adventure at the Iowa Capitol. 

I enjoy every single day and the challenges it brings. However, it seems like this session has moved a lot slower than others. I do not necessary think that is a bad thing because it means fewer laws and careful consideration of the laws we do pass.


That being said- sometimes it takes a village. We work on and take stances on bills that may not directly matter to our constituents back home – but may really really matter to another area of the state. I do my best to bring forward the issues from House District 2 to my colleagues in the Statehouse and present the position in a thoughtful and compelling manner.

The issues that constituents and colleagues bring to my desk will always intrigue and surprise me – I anticipated the bigger issues of taxes, education, Medicaid, education.

But other issues like laundry, autopsies, ice cream vendors, license plates, bengal cats and furniture polish I did not really expect to have come across my desk.  These are probably my favorite bills to work on because they truly are grassroots bills. They are bills that come directly from Iowans who are impacted by a law and want to see a change.

I had a constituent contact me this week and ask, ”Well why does the legislature pass so many of these small, seemingly insignifiant bills? They do not impact me.”Well, it does seem like a lot of work to get 77 aye votes (51 in the House and 26 in the Senate) and then get the Governor’s autograph for a bill to become a law. But, for the Iowans being burdened by a law or for a business that wants to grow but can’t because of a law -it means a lot. And some day that could be any of us. 

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