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Help the Iowa GOP Defend Life

Republicans across Iowa are abuzz with the recent announcement of the Iowa GOP’s “Celebrate Life” event with Mike Huckabee on Saturday, February 23.

This one day event will feature pro-life speakers, breakout sessions, panels, grassroots trainings and much more. Tickets are available here.

But before that, we need your help.

In one month’s time our event will break new ground as our Republican Party defends life without apology.

But as we prepare for this gathering we’ll need help to cover some of the initial costs.

That’s why in remembrance of Tuesday’s Roe v. Wade 40th anniversary, We’ve set an immediate goal of raising $400 to ensure the Republican Party is able to soundly spread the pro-life message. Will you help us reach this goal with a contribution of $40 or whatever you can afford?

There are some who chastise us and mock our devotion to being pro-life.

But we believe Iowans appreciate our dedication and want us to continue to hold pro-life events.

That’s why we’re asking you to help me prove to the media and the nation that Iowans are serious about defending life and want the Iowa GOP to continue to defend it.

Please contribute $50, $40 or even $15 to help us defend the pro-life message.

You can contribute here.

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