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Help Us Stop the Gas Tax Hike

Forget Frankenstein’s Monster. The gas tax hike seems to be the creature that just won’t die!

Last year the Republican Party of Iowa did everything possible to ensure taxes weren’t raised on Iowa families.

And we won! But we didn’t do it alone. We had your support.

And we had the support of Republicans, Independents and even some Democrats.

The Iowa GOP made it clear we would do absolutely everything we could to stop tax hikes.

But now there are some legislators still trying to raise taxes; taking even more money from hardworking Iowans.

Just last week an Iowa panel of legislators voted to approve the plan to raise your taxes.

Click here right away to find your state legislators and tell them to kill this tax hike on hardworking Iowa families once and for all.

But don’t worry, this fight has only just begun. And just like last year, the Iowa GOP refuses to back down.

As Republicans we believe we need to cut taxes, not raise them.

The platform of the Republican Party of Iowa even specifically says, “We oppose any increase in fuel taxes.” – Section 26.5

It’s as clear as day. Republicans need to oppose an increase in the fuel tax, and the Republican Party of Iowa has an obligation to defend our platform.

Over this legislative session the Iowa GOP will do everything within its power to oppose an increase in the fuel tax.


Make sure to contact your legislators and tell them to kill this horrible bill once and for all.

And consider aiding the Iowa GOP to stop the gas tax increase with a contribution of $35, $25 or even $20.14

A.J. Spiker

P.S. We’re digging in to defend the party platform that Republicans voted for at our last state convention. We owe it to Republicans statewide to hold strong on our conservative principles. Please help us stand for limited government and against tax hikes. Support the Iowa GOP with a contribution today.