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How do we win again?

Every day our office receives phone calls and emails from Republicans asking the Iowa GOP to stand firm on principle.

And I’ve talked with countless Independents across the state who appreciate the Republican Party of Iowa working hard to provide a clear distinction between ourselves and the tax and spend policies of the Democrats.

Some say we need to be less concerned with affirming our values and more concerned with winning no matter what the cost.

Others say that taking bold stances on issues will hurt out chances and we should always be willing to compromise on our values.

But when it comes to taking a stand on principle and providing a clear distinction to Iowans across the state, I say, taking a stand works.

A Gallup poll released just last week found that Iowans were twice as likely to identify as, “conservative,” than as, “liberal.”

The values of life, liberty, low taxes and less government resonate with people regardless of their political party.

President Ronald Reagan understood this.

As we reflect back on his life and honor his birthday on February 6th, it’s fitting to look to a speech he gave outlining the same debate we are having today within the Republican Party.

In the rush to, “broaden the base,” Reagan urged Republicans to use caution, and not to blur the image and make ourselves indistinguishable between ourselves and the other party.

While some today urge a moderate and lukewarm message to win over undecided voters, in reality the opposite is true.

By standing firm and giving Iowans something to believe in, we win on principle.

President Reagan urged Republicans to look at those voters who stayed home on election day and claimed they, “Couldn’t see any difference between the two parties.”

Our job as Republicans is to make it clear that there is a difference, and that the Republican Party of Iowa is proud to raise our banner of bold colors high.

Our 2014 election cycle has officially begun and over this coming year our party will be working hard to elect Republicans who are committed to the principles of our party.

By making it clear that we believe in giving power to individuals and families instead of the government, we’ll make it clear we are the party best poised to help hardworking Iowa families succeed.

That election cycle is upon us. And the Iowa GOP will be working continually to elect solid candidates from now until November.

If you believe the Iowa GOP should continue to stand firm on principle and never back down from defending the values of life, liberty low taxes and less government, please help our 2014 efforts with a contribution of $30, $20 or even $10.

Our party is only as strong as the dedicated activists and donors who allow us to spread our message.

I look forward to having your support and to not just winning in 2014, but winning on principle.

A.J. Spiker

P.S. Ronald Reagan asked us to stand firm and make it clear that we are different from the Democrats. As we remember his birthday on February 6, please help us achieve his vision here in Iowa with your generous donation today.

Ronald Reagan: "Bold Colors"

Ronald Reagan: “Bold Colors”