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No Spending Problem Here. Everything is Just Fine

We’re 16 trillion dollars in debt and Barack Obama continues to push for more spending and bigger government.

But we’re not broke. There’s no spending problem. Everything is just fine.

Wait, you mean it’s not? But that’s what Democratic Senator Tom Harkin says:

“I think, first of all, I want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem… We are now the richest nation in the world… That kind of begs the question, doesn’t it. If we’re so rich, why are we so, is it a spending problem? No. It’s because we have a misallocation of capital. A misallocation of wealth.”

Isn’t that just the same old song over and over again, talks of “misallocation of wealth” from the federal government while families across Iowa work hard to pay their bills and the enormous taxes thrusted upon them.

That’s why the Republican Party of Iowa is leading the charge to elect a U.S. Senator who understands our need to cut spending, manage our debt and get back to the Constitution.

With Tom Harkin’s announcement this month that he would retire, Iowa is going to have an open Senate seat for the first time in almost 40 years.

I’m so energized about it that I’ve chosen today to promote our brand new live donation ticker, complete with live updates and immediate recognition for our generous contributors.

Since so far only Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley has announced he’s running for U.S. Senate, we think the people of Iowa are eager to hear what he thinks about the spending problem we apparently, “don’t have.”

Let’s ask him.

Then contact one of Congressman Bruce Braley’s offices and politely ask what Braley’s position is on cutting our spending and reducing our debt.

Your financial support and grassroots energy is what enables us to build a strong and vibrant party dedicated to the principles of our Constitution.

Together we can win the open Senate seat and restore limited government principles.

Defending Limited Government,

AJ Spiker

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