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ObamaCare Disaster Continues for Bruce Braley

Via NRSC: ObamaCare is a train wreck; so much so that the Obama Administration – in unprecedented fashion – last week delayed the implementation of a key provision in the law, the employer mandate, until 2015 (conveniently just months after the midterm elections).Selective implementation of the law aside, where does Bruce Braley – who spent the last four years championing ObamaCare stand today? Week after week, families, workers and businesses learn more about the disastrous implications that ObamaCare will have upon them and the economy. Bruce Braley didn’t care.

Now that the ObamaCare reality is far from Bruce Braley’s promise of “legislation [that] will provide much-needed relief for thousands of businesses,” he’s silent.

After four years of celebrating ObamaCare, Washington Democrats face a choice of two political evils ahead of the 2014 midterms: implement the train wreck or, delay it – and desperately try to protect weak Senate candidates from the political backlash over the taxes, fees, mandates and penalties scheduled to take effect the same year voters will head to the polls.

In hopes of pulling their trial attorney pal Bruce Braley up to the Senate, Washington Democrats have chosen the latter. And after his now ludicrous assessment of ObamaCare, it’s no wonder Bruce Braley seems so uncertain.

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