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The Package Plan & Patriot Club

The Republican Party of Iowa has two important yet distinct programs for supporters of the GOP who want to be even more actively engaged in the direct ongoings of the party.

• The “Package Plan” is the Iowa GOP’s program for a one time gift each year from our donors. For a gift of $500, $1,000 or $5,000, members of the Package Plan receive benefits, tickets and access throughout the year. It allows our party to focus its time, energy and resources on what matters most; promoting our conservative values and electing Republicans.

The “Patriot Club” is the Iowa GOP’s recurring giving program allowing individuals to donate a smaller gift of at least $10 each month. The program provides the Republican Party with a tremendous opportunity to highlight our core values, respect our donors and raise money for our election efforts with a consistent stream of revenue.


How it Works

• The Package Plan is based on the 12-month calendar corresponding with 12 different themes for the Republican Party of Iowa to focus on. This presents multiple ways for Republicans to be active and involved, while highlighting the platform of our party. Members of our Package Plan receive a-full twelve months of benefits, access to speakers and complimentary tickets to all events.

The Patriot Club focuses on consistent revenue stream from smaller donations of $10 a month or more while allowing the party to know in advance what the expected income budget will be. Patriot Club members have additional special benefits such as special access to events, and being removed from all fundraising solicitations, be it from mail or telephone.

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The Membership Levels

• Join the Package Plan with a contribution of $500 or more and you’ll receive complimentary access to ALL official Republican Party of Iowa activities, ticketed events and special gifts for one full year. Even better, this club is based on your membership date and is not tied to a specific one-size fits all calendar date. Whether you join in January, July or November, you’ll always receive 12 full months of benefits and access from the date you donated.

• Or join the Patriot Club with a recurring gift of $10 a month or more and you’ll know you’re helping the party each and every month. You won’t receive fundraising requests via mail or telephone, you’ll receive discounted tickets to events and you’ll have access to special “Patriot Club Only” members throughout the year.


How it Helps Republicans

• In order to hold events, inform voters, elect Republicans and further the principles of our platform, the Republican Party must consistently raise money. Fundraising can often involve significant overhead and upfront costs for mail, telephone calls, and event logistics. When it comes to planning for elections, it is imperative that Republicans have the structure in place to directly aid and support our hardworking candidates.

• The best way to do this is to have fundraising systems in place that allow our party to know in advance how much money it has each coming in each month to devote to upcoming projects. Joining the Package Plan or the Patriot Club will help you budget your support for Republicans causes without the need to write checks, fill out pledge sheets or search for stamps. You’ll also help the Republican Party save money on direct mail, email and telephone fundraising requests. This allows us to devote more vital resources to promoting our message and electing Republicans to office. The Package Plan and Patriot Club will allow your Republican Party to:

•   Cut costs, save money and craft leaner and more agile party operations.
•   More effectively budget our resources and plan our strategy months in advance.
•   Devote more time, money and energy to help our Republican candidates directly.