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Please Thank Barack Obama on behalf of all Republicans

Barack Obama has announced he is, “sorry for the trouble” that’s arisen from the Obamacare debacle and approximately FIVE MILLION PEOPLE who’ve had their healthcare coverage canceled.

And he’s even tried to patch together a makeshift solution. Isn’t that nice of him?

He deserves a huge, “Thank You” now doesn’t he?


I’m not fooled, I know you’re not fooled, and neither is the rest of the nation.

Barack Obama and the White House have announced that current insurance plans that would otherwise be, “illegal” will now be deemed, “compliant” for health insurance customers through 2014.

That’s great. But it doesn’t help the nearly FIVE MILLION PEOPLE who have had their coverage CANCELED because of Obamacare.

Talk about a disaster… And it just keeps coming.

This week Breitbart News announced their, “Top 10 Democrats Who Should Apologize for Obamacare.”

And coming in at number five is Iowa’s Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Harkin.

Back in 2010, Tom Harkin said:

“One of the things we put in the health care bill when we designed it was the protection for consumers to keep the plan they have if they like it… If you have a plan you like –existing policies–you can keep them…”

And that’s not just some run of the mill Democrat politician. Tom Harkin is the CHAIR of the Health Committee in the United States Senate.


Tom Harkin should take even greater responsibility for screwing up the health care of millions of Americans and not try to weasel his way out of answering questions on it.

With Tom Harkin retiring and his U.S. Senate seat up for re-election, it’s now more important than ever to elect a Republican who understands free market principles and will actually work for Iowa families and not a far left agenda in Washington. Here are three quick things you can do to make that happen.

1. Call Senator Tom Harkin’s office at 202.224.3254 and tell him you want him to apologize for misleading Iowans and hurting their families by driving up costs and causing them to lose their coverage.

2. Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley is unchallenged for the Democratic nomination and assumed to be the “heir apparent” to Tom Harkin’s throne. Call his campaign office at 515.244.1270. Tell him you’re disgusted for his support of Obamacare and want him to admit it’s a failure and call for a full repeal.

3. Help the Iowa GOP continue our effort to elect a Republican to the United States Senate and continue the fight against Obamacare by chipping in $5, $10 or $20 here.

The Republican Party of Iowa is already working to elect solid candidates across the state, including for the U.S. Senate.

This week we announced we had formed a joint venture with the RNC for a 2014 Victory Program, a full year before the 2014 elections!

So please help us show the left-wing establishment that we’re sick of their lies negatively affecting Iowans and their families.

Let’s stand up to Tom Harkin, Bruce Braley and show them Obamacare is a full blown disaster that needs to be repealed.

And consider supporting our efforts to win this U.S. Senate seat with a contribution today.

Our Victory Program has already begun and we look forward to continuing it with you!

A.J. Spiker

P.S. Your generous support will allow us to be off and running while the Democrats are still pulling their hair out over the disaster they’ve brought upon the American people. Please chip in $20, 10 or even $5 for our efforts.