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RNC Resolution to Return State Share of Mineral Royalties

Whereas, the federal government owns approximately 640 million acres of land, with most of this acreage in the western U.S. and Alaska; and

Whereas, the Federal government receives royalties from leasable minerals produced on federal lands; and

Whereas, the Obama Administration contends that The Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates an across-the-board 5.1 percent sequester reduction, including revenue (royalty) payments to states; and

Whereas, this novel interpretation means that about $110 million will be withheld from states where energy production occurs on federal lands during the remainder of the fiscal year; and

Whereas, this loss of revenue stream will impact many state programs dependent on the royalty income; and

Whereas, this novel interpretation could be extended to other revenue payments to states, such as highway funds; therefore be it

Resolved, the Republican National Committee urges that these revenue payments not be subject to sequester reductions.

As adopted by the Republican National Committee on April 12, 2013.

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