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Sarah Brooks: Don’t Be Uninformed

In today’s world, it seems that many Americans remain uninformed about current events. Not about the latest in pop culture, but what is going on within our states, our nation, and throughout the world. A year ago today, had you asked me about current events, I probably would not have been able to answer even the simplest of questions. Due to experiences and opportunities over this past year, such as volunteering for a number of political  candidates, interning for the Republican Party of Iowa, and being exposed to people by helping out different coalitions within the Republican Party of Iowa, I have become more aware and now realize the importance of being conscious of what is going on.

I saw this first hand in the recent news with Syria. As the issues are still looming and military action hopefully not used, I believe that while most Americans showed a clear opposition to another war, there is still a slight misunderstanding of the conflict and about that part of the world. This is evident in conversations I have had with other students; one even asked, “What about it?”, when the topic of Syria was brought up. As Americans, we need to wake up and realize that it is important to know what is happening world-wide.

So what about Syria? As the Republican Party of Iowa’s Chairman A.J. Spiker and Co-Chairman David Fischer said in their letter, I agree that this strike against Syria would start an “unwanted, undeclared, unconstitutional war”. I also agree with Rand Paul as he said, “May God help us make the wise decision here and avoid an unnecessary war.”  Likewise, I say NO to authorizing military action in Syria. There are many ways we can all learn more by actively getting involved with what is happening in our nation and around the world. I believe that becoming more informed provides us, as American citizens, the best way to make informed decisions.

Sarah Brooks is an intern with the Republican Party of Iowa