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Steve Scheffler: National Committeeman May Update

Executive Committees

First, I want to publically state that I am totally and enthusiastically supportive of activating the 4 Congressional District Executive Committees. If we are to be successful as a party in electing our candidates, we have to have the grassroots of our party fully engaged. Iowa is a purple state. This fact makes it essential that we must convey to grassroots activists that their work and dedication are the key ingredients for a successful ground operation. We must meet the challenge of the Democrats at this level. If we don’t–we will fail.

Congressional Districts 3 and 4 have held their first organizational meetings. Congressional Districts 1 and 2 are now making plans to hold their first organizational meetings. I applaud the leadership that the Executive Committee and county GOP leaders are willing to take on to strengthen our grassroots operation! My solid commitment and promise to you is this–whatever I can do behind the scenes or wherever else–I want to be there to lend a helping hand.

As a huge believer in grassroots politics and one who has been involved in this very endeavor for years and years, your commitment and dedication to this effort–is greatly needed and appreciated!

I know that there have been tensions between the state party and the grassroots of our party. My solid commitment and promise to you is that I will be actively engaged in tearing these walls down. All factions of the party must work together if we are to be successful. Any and all of these factions and/or coalitions have much, much more in common than we have with the socialist agenda of the Democrat Party.

With this in mind, Tamara Scott and I are working on setting up listening posts in all parts of Iowa. This is an idea that Tamara and I came up with in our desire to hear any and all of your concerns, frustrations, and/or trust issues that you might have with Republican leadership. Our intense desire and commitment is to work towards bringing healing, peace and trust back to our party! All Republican Executive committee members will be invited. Tamara and I will share our views and be totally transparent. But the main purpose of the meeting is to hear your concerns. And then we want to work towards solutions!

Continued Update on RNC Spring Meeting

I promised some more details from the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting held in LA.

As I mentioned in my first report to you, I have a grave concern that the Growth & Opportunity Project had some objectionable items contained in the 98-page report.

First, I have deep concerns because at the end of the day–the report was written by political consultants and “insiders” who represent Establishment Republicans. What do I mean by this? These are the same people that spent millions of dollars in this last election cycle and most of their candidates lost!

Establishment Republicans are those who do not want to talk about cultural and moral issues–like the sanctity of life and marriage and a strong military defense. If our candidates are to be successful, they have to emphasize all issues that are important to the “base.”

One example here is where the report refers to so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Former Senator Jim De Mint (now with the Heritage Foundation) just this week made a clear case that the Gang of 8 US Senators are proposing an Amnesty Bill. The senator then went on to document that this bill, if implemented, would add another 6.3 trillion dollars to the national debt. We must not allow the “talking heads” to frame the debate that would have negative consequences for the Republican Party!

Second, I have been making visits to as many counties as possible. Thus far, since January 1st, I have attended county central committee meetings and/or county fundraisers in the following 30 counties. I will be working towards attending 3 to 4 county GOP functions every week. I believe it is important for me to be engaged with you, the grassroots of our party. I am excited to share information. But even more important, I want to garner your feedback and suggestions of how to build a strong party going into the critical 2014 election cycle. Please put me on your email list so that I might be aware of when your functions are so that I can attend one. I will always call you in advance to make sure that you know I will be attending.

1st District:

  • Dubuque
  • Fayette
  • Jones (also, attended fund raiser here)
  • Iowa
  • Linn (Republican Party of Iowa Lincoln Day Dinner)
  • Marshall
  • Poweshiek
  • Tama

2nd District:

  • Appanoose
  • Cedar
  • Clarke (fundraiser)
  • Clinton (fundraiser)
  • Decatur
  • Jasper
  • Johnson (also, the Eastern Iowa Conservative Breakfast Club)
  • Mahaska
  • Scott

3rd District:

  • Guthrie
  • Madison
  • Polk
  • Pottawattamie
  • Warren

4th District:

  • Cerro Gordo
  • Franklin
  • Greene (fundraiser)
  • Hamilton (also, attended fundraiser here)
  • Lyon
  • Sioux
  • Story
  • Woodbury

Third, I am not only honored to serve as Iowa’s representative on the Rules Committee, but also as 1 of 8 members of the RNC on the Resolutions Committee. Here is a report on the resolutions that we passed at our Spring Meeting. I fully supported and co-sponsored each of these great resolutions.

  • RESOLUTION 1: Resolution for Marriage and Children
  • RESOLUTION 2:Resolution Supporting Core Values of the 2012 Republican Platform
  • RESOLUTION 3: Resolution Concerning Common Core Education Standards
  • RESOLUTION 4: Resolution Concerning China’s Ongoing Practice of Espionage
  • RESOLUTION 5: Resolution Calling for Cooperation With the Conservative Grassroots Movement
  • RESOLUTION 6: Resolution Requesting Accountability From the Department of Homeland Security
  • RESOLUTION 7: Resolution Concerning Voting of Overseas Members of the Military
  • RESOLUTION 8: Resolution Supporting a Strong Space Program
  • RESOLUTION 9: Resolution to Restore State Share of Mineral Royalties
  • RESOLUTION 10: Resolution Celebrating the Life, Accomplishments, and Memory of Borah Van Dormolen
  • RESOLUTION 11: Resolution Honoring Ron Paul, Former Congressman and Medical Doctor
  • RESOLUTION 12: Resolution Commending the Life and Honoring the Memory of Shirley Leslie

These resolutions consist of strong conservative principles that will help make us a majority party once again. Many of the resolutions that we have passed over the last five years have received a lot of press attention–including our opposition to UN Agenda 21 and our opposition to the National Popular Vote Compact. We must as a party stand strong on conservative, constitutional principles if we are to be successful in 2014 and 2016. We must demand that our candidates live up to these ideals and principles and to lead on these issues!

Thank you for all you do and I hope that my updates are useful in getting out information that will keep you fully informed. I would love to have your feedback and your suggestions for a strong party! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me on my cell at 515/971-7363.

On to Victory!

Steve Scheffler
Your Republican National Committeeman

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