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Steve Scheffler: Republican National Committeeman Fall Update

Scheffler3-602x401Greetings! I hope that you had a wonderful summer. I now wish you a great fall as we enter football season and a more active political season. I would like to take some time to update Iowa’s top activists! 


It is my deep honor to serve you as Iowa’s Republican National Committeeman and to travel the state from border to border. My ability to engage with you one on one has been rewarding beyond words. Engaging with you at Central Committee meetings, fundraisers, and other venues is important I believe, in serving you. Not only do I enjoy bringing you up to date on happenings at the State and National level, I highly value your input on political issues. In addition, I value your contributions in how to build a stronger and more viable party here in Iowa—your concerns, constructive criticism, and solutions that will help ensure victory at the polls in 2014.

I have now visited 52 Iowa counties at least once. Some of these counties I have visited more than once. I will continue my aggressive travel schedule so that I can represent all Iowa Republicans to the best of my ability. 

There has been much discussion on the date of the 2014 State Convention. I have visited at length with my good friend Loras Schulte, one of the 1st Congressional District’s State Central Committee members. Loras was not able to attend our last SCC meeting and so now after gleaning information that he has researched, I believe that it is important that we move the convention back into June. 

Primary day is June 3, 2014. It is quite possible that we will be required to have a State Nominating Convention if no candidate receives 35% of the primary vote. First, I am opposed to two State Conventions—too confusing, too costly, and could become needlessly divisive. 

The new information that convinces me that we must have a June Convention is that Iowa’s 99 County Auditors must have the primary vote canvass completed by June 9th or 10th. All absentee and provisional ballots will be included in this canvass and these numbers are the final certified results for each County. The Secretary of State will reiterate the results of each County’s canvass. 

I believe that the State Convention date should be either June 14th or June 21st. Loras contends, and I agree, that moving the Convention date to June 21st might make the most sense. This way it gives us a little wiggle room and breathing space if needed. 

I want to congratulate the new leadership of the Executive Committees of each of Iowa’s four Congressional Districts. These committees working hand in hand with each of their respective counties will do much to strengthen our grassroots, which will enhance our ability to elect Republican candidates from the Court House to the State House to the White House! 

Whatever I can do to assist in this area, I want to serve you! 


Our 2013 RNC meeting was held in Boston August 14th-17th.

The RNC Conservative Caucus, of which I am one of the founding members of, hosted several interesting and informative speakers. One of those was the female State Representative who is the co-chair of the Indiana State House of Representatives Education Committee. She was responsible for obtaining the majority support in both the House and Senate and the support of Governor Mike Pence to rid the state of Common Core. Common Core is a terrible concept for education and our kids. The RNC passed a resolution in April stating our strong opposition to Common Core. 

As promised by Chairman Priebus, the RNC is on target to fund a ground game next to none. There are currently now around 160 individuals, most of them working in the field, to ensure that our grassroots efforts match the Democrats in 2014 and 2016.


I sit as Iowa’s representative on the Rule Committee. Unfortunately, our summer Rules Committee was a setback for grassroots Republicans. As you know from my earlier reports, Ben Ginsberg was able to ram through several harmful rules changes at the Republican National Convention Rules Committee a year ago in Tampa. I fought those rule changes to no avail. I have pledged to fight to return power to the grassroots. I voted for Morton Blackwell’s (Virginia’s RNC Committeeman) proposed rule change to Rule 16 C 2. It would have changed the word “may” to “shall.” This rule change would have helped to prevent the front loading of the Presidential caucuses/primaries and would have prevented whole scale winner-take-all. This rule to restore power to the grassroots failed. I voted for Morton’s rule change.

Two other proposed rule changes—one to 16A and one to 17A were brought up for consideration. Neither one was passed. 

Both these proposed rule changes plus Morton’s rule change were instead referred to a committee of 17 members appointed by Chairman Reince Priebus. I voted against this and believe that the full Rules Committee should be considering rules changes—not a small group of people. It became obvious that a lot of politics was being played out and that a lot of back room maneuvering had taken place before the meeting. 

I was very unhappy to hear one member in particular who said that we needed to gain much more input from the grassroots before we consider any rule changes. With all due respect, this member was either stone deaf this last year or he was not being totally honest. 

The other thing that makes me nervous is that this 17 member committee can consider any number of rules changes. My concern is that all these rule changes could be put together in one package with the expectation that the full Rules Committee and the full RNC Committee will approve the changes. The trick is that a majority and then 3/4 of the full committee has to approve rules changes. The possibility then arises that the power brokers of a package deal would go to individual members to “wheel and deal” to make some changes to the package in order to garner their support.

I am somewhat concerned that a rule change could be proposed that would require that all states use primaries only and get rid of caucuses and conventions. I would oppose this because I believe that individual states should make that decision. It should not be a mandate from the RNC.

I am happy to report, that as of now, it looks like our first in the Nation Caucuses are protected. Please understand that this is a battle that we must fight year in and year out, just not every four years. I am committed as a member of the Rules Committee and the RNC to protect that status.


I am also honored to serve as one of two of the Midwest Region’s members on the Resolutions Committee. Our committee passed seven resolutions which later were adopted by the full RNC. They are as follows:

  • The IRS Scandal
  • Constitutional America—The return of founding principles
  • Religious freedom in the military
  • Protecting coal
  • Defunding Obamacare
  • In support of secure borders, economic grown, prosperity, and National immigration policy reform
  • In support of media objectivity and accountability and of an orderly Presidential primary debate process

I supported all of these resolutions except the immigration resolution. Tamara Scott, Iowa’s National Committeewoman, also opposed this resolution. I felt that there were far too many loopholes and that a path to citizenship for some illegal aliens was in part, a motive for the resolution.

The resolution in regard to the Presidential primary debate process brought a lot of good media coverage. The resolution says that the RNC will not engage in Presidential debates with either CNN or NBC if they are intent on running the Hillary Clinton propaganda pieces. 

That’s all for now. Again, I am deeply honored to serve as your Committeeman. I would love to hear from you and seek your input. I can be reached at 515-971-7363 or by email at  

In your service,


Steve Scheffler

Your Republican National Committeeman

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