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Stop Jack Hatch, Stop Tax Hikes

It sure is hard to be open minded when some politicians’ only “solution” is to raise taxes.

Democrat hopeful for Governor, Jack Hatch is at it again.

He’s been on record saying he wants to raise the gas tax on hardworking Iowans.

And now he’s saying he wants to eliminate the ability for Iowans to deduct on their Iowa taxes, what they pay on their federal income taxes!

Stop this fee, create another, move this one here, move that one there, and then raise the gas tax on the people who will be hurt the most.

The Republican Party of Iowa has been abundantly clear.

We will continue to support and defend Iowans all across the state who do not want to see their taxes increased.

And the Republican Party of Iowa will continue to defend our platform, which is very clear on these two issues:

“We oppose any increase in fuel taxes,” and ”We support the ability of Iowans to fully deduct the amount they pay on their federal income taxes on their Iowa Income Tax Return.”

The cycle for the 2014 elections has already begun.

The Iowa GOP is going to stand firm and oppose out of touch liberals like Jack Hatch.

If you want your Republican Party to stand up for hardworking Iowans, support federal deductibility and oppose an increase in the gas tax, chip in $20.14, $10 or even $5.

Help us defeat Jack Hatch before he wins his party’s nomination and we will stop tax hikes on Iowa families.

In Liberty,
AJ Spiker

P.S. Now is the time for us to work together to make sure out of touch liberals like Jack Hatch are defeated. Please help us with a contribution of $20.14, $10 or even $5.