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“Which Would You Choose?”

An Independence Day Message from A.J. Spiker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

Over this weekend you’ll no doubt receive a multitude of emails wishing you a Happy Independence Day.

So I won’t take long to wish you my best as well and ask a thought provoking question.

Almost 240 years ago, the ideas of freedom and justice meant something dear to the patriots yearning to craft, “A new nation conceived in liberty.”

Men like Washington, Jefferson and Franklin risked their reputations, their fortunes and ultimately their lives by opposing the most powerful nation on earth.

These men revolted against tyranny and threatened to secede from the British Empire, based on taxation, rule from thousands of miles away and a government that refused to recognize individual liberty.

In many cases a tax increase on stamps… or paper… or tea… was all that was needed to spur the thought of revolution building in the hearts of colonists.

Today the government mandates we buy health insurance, or we’ll be fined… or put in prison…

Today the government disregards our Constitutional second amendment right to defend our family.

Today the government grants power to the IRS to selectively target and prosecute those who hold certain views.

Today the government discards the Bill of Rights, can search our homes without a warrant and can listen to our phone calls, “just because.”

Today the government takes 50% of our paycheck through one taxation scheme after another, with no sign of slowing down.

Today the government operates secret courts and decides rulings at the secret tribunals it holds at will.

Today the government destroys the savings of hard-working Americans by inflating our money supply and devaluing our currency.

If our founders were alive today, how do you think they would react?

If you could go back and speak with George Washington as his men were freezing in the snow at Valley Forge, and relay where the country stood in 2013, how do you think they would feel?

But my email is a message of hope, not of despair.

Men like Washington, Jefferson and Franklin understood that the ideals of freedom would ebb and flow across states and even across generations.

They understood that advocates of freedom needed to remain vigilant; that proponents of tyranny would always exist and that it was up to the next group of patriots to fight for what they believed in, no matter the cost.

And that is why I am so proud, and blessed beyond measure to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

I am proud to have the opportunity to speak with so many activists and individuals throughout Iowa who understand the principles of freedom enshrined in the Constitution…

I am proud to get to work alongside those who understand the ideals of our founding…

I am proud to engage with those who understand that what it means to be “American” isn’t simply the freedom to do what the government tells us we should choose, rather it’s the freedom to do what we choose with our own life, liberty and property, just so long as we do not infringe upon the life, liberty or property of others.

Though things can appear dark at times, my message to you is indeed a message of hope. We must realize that we have the power to affect change in our communities and ultimately our nation.

Over this weekend ask yourself, “If I was faced with the same choice as our founders in 1776, which would I choose?”

If your answer is “I would choose freedom,” then ask yourself, “What can I do today, to acknowledge the choice made by our founders nearly 240 years ago, and continue on with the legacy of this free nation called America?”

This weekend I encourage you to speak to your children about the Declaration of Independence, ask members of your family why they didn’t vote even though they always mention their aversion to the size of government, discuss the Constitution with your friends and encourage them to learn about what freedom really means.

To get things started, I’m proud to announce the Iowa GOP is sponsoring a grassroots training for our dedicated activists in Iowa.

The training will include great presenters, including Virginia’s RNC Committeeman and legendary conservative activist Morton Blackwell.

This training will take place on Saturday, August 3 in Fort Dodge and is FREE to our Republican activists looking to change our government for the better.

That’s right, completely free. Due to limited space however we do ask that you reserve your spot here.

I believe it is sessions like this, bringing together our fellow patriots, that are just one example of what we can accomplish as we push our nation forward and restore our great Republic.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak my mind today. I wish you a happy and safe Independence Day weekend and I look forward to working with you on spreading the message of freedom throughout Iowa.

In Liberty,

A.J. Spiker

P.S. Throughout history, generations have been called upon to defend freedom during its hour of greatest need. Though I believe the future of our nation is bright, I believe our country faces that hour of need right now. Thank you for standing up and defending our American values.