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While Braley Praises Obama’s VA: Veterans Say Access To Care Is Difficult

Another Stark Reminder Of How Braley Is Out Of Touch With Iowa

DES MOINES – With Democrat Bruce Braley telling a local veteran in Mason City that people are happy with their care, a new poll reveals that 55 percent of veterans find access to care very difficult.

As Gallup reports:

“Amid reports of long delays and inadequate medical care for U.S. military veterans at Veterans Affairs (VA) health centers, a new Gallup poll of U.S. veterans finds the majority, 55%, saying it is either ‘very’ or “somewhat difficult” to access medical care through the VA.” (Majority of U.S. Veterans Say Access to VA Care Difficult, Gallup, 07/01/14)

Notably, while serving on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Braley skipped 74 percent of his committee hearings.

“If Bruce Braley didn’t skip 74 percent of his committee hearings, he’d know that a majority of veterans are unhappy with the inadequate care from the Veterans’ Affairs Department,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chair Jeff Kaufmann. “The fact that Braley continues to praise Barack Obama’s VA reiterates how out of touch he is with our veterans.”


After Skipping His Committee Hearings Braley Claims Veterans Are Happy With The Care They’re Receiving From The Veterans Affairs Department

In The 112th Congress While Serving On The House Committee On Veterans’ Affairs Bruce Braley Missed 74 Percent Of The Hearings. (U.S. Government Congressional Printing Office, Congressional Hearings Database, Accessed October 31, 2013)

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