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While Lerner Urged Caution, Braley Told The IRS To Further Investigate Conservative Groups

Photo Credit: Getty

Photo Credit: Getty


DES MOINES – With reports emerging yesterday that the IRS’ Lois Lerner told her fellow colleagues to be careful with their government email accounts, the Republican Party of Iowa is reminding voters that four days later after Lerner’s warning it was liberal trial lawyer Bruce Braley who wrote a letter telling the IRS to further investigate non-profit groups.

“Despite orders within the IRS to be careful about their secret witch hunt against non-profit groups, liberal trial lawyer Bruce Braley completely disregarded their advice and openly rooted for them to target conservative groups,”
 said Iowa Republican Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.  “It’s just further proof that Braley is such an arrogant liberal that he thinks it’s acceptable for the IRS to viciously target individuals because they don’t share his extreme agenda of a larger, more intrusive federal government.”    



IRS’ Lerner Warned Her Allies To Be Cautious About Their Emails


The IRS’ Lois Lerner Told Her Colleagues To “Be Cautious About What We Say In Emails.  “An IRS official at the center of the scandal surrounding the targeting of conservative groups apply for tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny warned others ‘be cautious about what we say in emails.’  Lois Lerner, who until 2013 was the director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Unit, noted in an email to another colleague, asking about whether certain types of communication was searchable, that Congress had on ‘several occasions” asked for email records.’”  (Andrew Kacyznski, IRS Figure At Center Of Scandal Warned Others To “Be Cautious About What We Say In Emails,” BuzzFeed, 07/09/14)


In 2012, Braley Pushed The IRS To Investigate Nonprofit Organizations


Four Days After The Head Of The IRS Denied Targeting Conservative Nonprofit Organizations, Braley Signed A Letter Urging A Probe Into The Political Activities Of Nonprofit Organizations. (Rep. Bruce Braley, Letter To IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, 3/28/12)


On His Campaign Website, Braley Encourages People To “Join Bruce” In Telling The IRS To Exercise Greater Scrutiny Of Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Groups. “Join Bruce and tell the IRS: Close the special interest loophole and require these groups to disclose their donors.” (Campaign Website, Accessed 4/23/14)


In May 2014, Braley Voted Against Holding Lerner In Contempt of Congress

Braley Voted Against H. Res. 574, The Resolution To Hold Former Internal Revenue Service Official Lois Lerner In Contempt Of Congress. (H. Res. 574, Roll Call #203, Passed 231-187: R 225-0, D 6-187, Braley Voted Nay, 5/7/14)