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Annette Sweeney Nominated As Republican Candidate for Special Election in Iowa Senate District 25, Asks For Your Vote On April 10

ELDORA, IA – Convention delegates from Butler, Grundy, Hardin, and Story counties nominated Annette Sweeney to run in the Iowa Senate District 25 special election ... more

Universal Healthcare Shines Through the Democrat Primary

Des Moines, IA - With a national battle for the soul of the Democrat party raging, Democrats in Iowa are throwing their lot in with the far left resistance instead ... more

In IA-03, Democrats Roll Out the Welcome Mat for San Francisco Elitist Liberal Nancy Pelosi

Des Moines, IA - In IA-03, Democrats have announced that they’re bringing in San Francisco’s Elitist Liberal Nancy Pelosi to speak in Des Moines this May. After ... more