After Mocking Iowans Bruce Braley Claims To Be One Of Us

DES MOINES – After berating a woman over her level of education and saying that he talks to Iowans in terms they can understand, Bruce Braley is now saying he’s one of us by comparing his job to that of a janitor, teacher, police offer and emergency responder. 

“Bruce Braley has developed a storied reputation of belittling hardworking Iowans with his elitist and arrogant remarks,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.  “After mocking Iowans, it’s absurd he now thinks he’s one of us.”


At A 2011 IAFF Conference, Braley Compared Being A Congressman To Being A Police Officer, Teacher, Janitor, And Emergency Responder. BRALEY: “My name is Bruce Braley and I am proud to be a public employee. I don’t know about you, but I am damn sick and tired of hearing public employees blamed for all the fiscal problems we have in this country. Instead of blaming public employees, we should be thanking them. Thanking them for getting up in the middle of the night to plow our roads, teaching our children, guarding our prisons, patrolling our streets, running our public transportations, cleaning the toilets in our public buildings and getting up in the middle of the night to battle fires in our homes, our businesses and to save our lives as emergency responders.”(Rep. Bruce Braley, Remarks AT 2011 IAFF Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C., 3/14/11)

In 2011, Braley Said He Responded To “An Impression That There Is An Elitism Among Progressive Policies” By Talking To Voters “In Terms They Can Understand.” BRALEY: “I think part of the problems that progressives have faced is, at times, there has been an impression that there is an elitism among progressive policies that wants to ignore the realities of what’s going on in places between the east coast and the west coast. And, look, I face this every time I do a town hall meeting.  I listen to the concerns of people. You know, from what you’ve done your entire life is that the biggest concern people have is that nobody is listening to them. And by engaging voters and talking about why you are a proud, progressive, populist and what that means in terms they can understand, that’s how you connect with voters and show them the false policies that are being offered to them and show them the policies that don’t lead to an economic boom for the middle class.” (“Papantonio: What A Strong Progressive Should Look Like,”Ring Of Fire Radio, 3/5/11)

In 2009, Bruce Braley Berated Sally Pipes Before A House Energy And Commerce Subcommittee Over Her Level Of Education.  “Braley’s record of elitism goes back much farther. At a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing in 2009, he questioned the credentials of Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute.  Despite authoring several books and articles as a noted health care expert, Braley repeatedly peppered Pipes with questions about whether she was a ‘health policy expert,’ whether she had an ‘advanced degree in economics,’ and whether she was a “scholar.”  At one point, Braley questioned whether Pipes even had a resume.”  (Daniel Wiser, Flashback: Braley Badgers Witness Over Advanced Degrees, The Washington Free Beacon, 08/12/14)