While Joni Ernst Trains With The Iowa Army National Guard, Iowans Are Reminded That Bruce Braley Skipped 74% Of His VA Hearings

Des Moines – With Lt. Colonel Joni Ernst in the midst of her two-week training with the Iowa Army National Guard, today the Republican Party of Iowa is reminding voters that while he served on House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Bruce Braley skipped 74 percent of his full committee hearings.

“For Washington liberal Bruce Braley, it takes a lot of guts to tell our veterans that you’re in their corner, knowing full well that he skipped 74 percent of the full committee hearings on the Veterans Affairs Committee,” said Iowa Republican Party spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “For Iowans and the state’s brave veterans it’s a simple choice: would you rather have Bruce Braley who routinely skipped his VA hearings where he would have had the opportunity to help stop the crumbling of our VA care system or Lt. Colonel Joni Ernst who has served Iowa and the nation in Kuwait/Iraq and is currently a battalion commander in the Iowa Army National Guard?”   


Braley Skipped 74 Percent Of His Veterans Affairs Committee Hearings

In The 112th Congress While Serving On The House Committee On Veterans’ Affairs Bruce Braley Missed 74 Percent Of The Hearings.   (U.S. Government Congressional Printing Office, Congressional Hearings Database, Accessed October 31, 2013)

Committee                                Tenure                                      Total Hearings*        Hearings Braley Skipped

Veterans Affairs                        2011-12                                                 19                            14 [74%]              

(U.S. Government Congressional Printing Office, Congressional Hearings Database, Accessed October 31, 2013)
* Please note that the tallies do not include subcommittee or out-of-state field hearings.

Many Veterans Are Unhappy With Barack Obama’s VA, But Braley Thinks They’re Happy With The Department

A Recent Gallup Poll Showed That 55 Percent Of Our Veterans Say It’s Difficult To Get Medical Care Through The Veterans’ Affairs Department.  “Amid reports of long delays and inadequate medical care for U.S. military veterans at Veterans Affairs (VA) health centers, a new Gallup poll of U.S. veterans finds the majority, 55%, saying it is either ‘very’ or “somewhat difficult” to access medical care through the VA.”  (Majority of U.S. Veterans Say Access to VA Care Difficult, Gallup, 07/01/14) 

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