Bruce Braley VA Hearings

Good morning –

Bruce Braley claimed to miss the House Veterans’ Affairs hearing for a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing, but after reviewing the transcript and the footage, there were no signs of him being present.

  • Bruce Braley’s Campaign Said They Skipped The Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearing Because He Was At The Oversight And Government Reform Hearing.  “Braley campaign spokesman Jeff Giertz said fundraisers Braley scheduled on Sept. 20 didn’t conflict with the VA hearings. The congressman missed the 10 a.m. Veterans Affairs Committee meeting because he was at an Oversight and Government Reform Committee meeting that began at 9:36 a.m., Giertz said.”  (Braley Attended Three Fundraisers on Day of Missed Veterans Affairs Hearing, The Des Moines Register, 07/22/14)

For your knowledge, the House Veterans Affairs Committee started at 10:19 AM EDT and ended at 11:54 AM EDT.  If you scroll down to the the bottom of this email, below is every screen shot that shows his chair from the House Oversight and Government Reform hearing during that time period.  What you’ll see in every photo is Bruce Braley’s empty chair.

This leads to the following questions:

  • Did Bruce Braley actually attend this hearing?
  • What time did Bruce Braley arrive at the House Oversight hearing?  
  • Is there a reason that Bruce Braley decided not to speak at  this hearing?
  • How long did Bruce Braley attend this hearing?
  • Assuming that Bruce Braley was at this hearing, at what time did he depart?
  • Does Bruce Braley really attending his committee hearings in Washington or does he check some box to fool voters back in Iowa that he’s doing his job?