Don’t Be Chicken Just Tell The Truth Bruce

DES MOINES – With more details coming to light regarding a dispute with his neighbors over chickens, Washington liberal Bruce Braley is now saying that he never threaten a lawsuit.  The fact remains, Braley contacted a lawyer and that prompted the Holiday Lake Owners’ Association to incur $1,700 in legal expenses.

“Washington liberal Bruce Braley is using legal jargon to confuse Iowans, while he claims he wasn’t going to sue his neighbor over chickens, he contacted a lawyer to do his dirty work,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “Braley may claim innocence, but his threat of legal action cost the home owners’ association $1,700.”


Braley Contacted A Lawyer To Resolve His Dispute

Bruce Braley Says He Didn’t Threaten Legal Action But Contacted A Lawyer To Resolve The Dispute.  “‘At no time did I ever — ever — threaten a lawsuit or threaten litigation. Never. And anybody who says that I did is not being truthful,” he said. “This was a personal dispute between my wife and a neighbor because chickens were on our property all the time.’  He added, ‘I just reached out to somebody [Thomas A. Lacina at Charnetski, Lacina & Clower] I knew expecting to get a phone call back and instead this thing blows up.’”  (Phil Rucker, In Iowa, A Dispute Over Neighbor’s Chickens Threatens Braley’s Senate Bid, The Washington Post, 08/07/14)

Which Cost The Holiday Lake Owners’ Association $1,700 In Legal Expenses  

Bruce Braley’s Threat Of Legal Action Cost The Holiday Lake Home Owners Association $1,700.  “Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley is in a henhouse ruckus with farmers after a neighbor’s chickens allegedly wandered onto his vacation property. Locals are referring to Braley’s brouhaha over the trespassing chickens ‘petty’ and ‘stupid.’ … Braley later called the association with “implied threat of legal action,” prompting the association to incur nearly $1,700 in legal fees, which depleted a budget surplus made from holding a recent triathlon.”  (Andrew Johnson, Bruce Braley’s Chicken-Hearted Legal Threats, National Review Online, 07/14/14)