Gazette: It’s time for action, new Iowa GOP chair telling party

CEDAR RAPIDS — It’s go time for Iowa Republicans, according to the state party’s new chairman, Jeff Kaufmann, who seems to be taking his own advice to heart.

He’s put on more than 5,000 miles since becoming chairman in late June. Tuesday, before delivering an update to the Linn County GOP in Cedar Rapids, he had been in Iowa City, Davenport and Des Moines — in that order.

“I don’t know if I’m delivering the right message, but by golly, people are going to hear it,” Kaufmann told about 100 people at the Linn County Central Committee meeting.

Right or not, Kaufmann’s message to his fellow Republicans is to get busy, focus on the future and forget about past intraparty differences.

“It’s action time,” he said. “It’s not time for debating, it’s not time for philosophizing. It’s go time.”

The state party, Kaufmann said, is “ready to go — we’re not recovering anymore.”