Bruce Braley: You’re “Damn Right” I Read ObamaCare

ObamaCare Cuts $716 Billion From Medicare

DES MOINES – The arrogance of Washington liberal Bruce Braley was on full display during a 2012 debate with Ben Lange when the fiery Congressman angrily answered Lange’s question about reading the ObamaCare bill by saying “you’re damn right I read the bill.”

Notably, Braley’s statement is more proof to seniors that he knew ObamaCare contained $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, which ends up costing each Iowa senior enrolled in Medicare approximately $10,074 over the next 10 years.


Braley Said You’re Damn Right I Read ObamaCare

Braley Said On ObamaCare, “You’re Damn Right I Read The Bill” And “I Had Every Page Highlighted.” BEN LANGE: “I know you mentioned read the bill. You’re telling us that you read 2700 pages” BRALEY: “You’re damn right I read the bill. I took it to every — I took it to every one of my 17 town hall meetings, Ben and if you had come to them you would have seen that.” BEN LANGE: “2700 pages in the middle of the night” BRALEY: “I had every page highlighted, I had my handwritten notes in the margin and I had tabs there. I take my job very seriously, Ben.” (Rep. Bruce Braley, U.S. House Of Representatives Debate On IPTV’s “Iowa Press,” Dubuque, Iowa, 11/1/12)

Braley’s ObamaCare Cuts $716 Billion From Medicare

In March 2010, Braley Voted For ObamaCare. (H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #165: Motion agreed to, thus clearing the bill for the president 219-212: R 0-178; D 219-34, 3/21/10, Braley Voted Yea)

ObamaCare Cuts Medicare By $716 Billion. “First, where it comes from. On July 24, the Congressional Budget Office sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, detailing the budget impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act. If Congress overturned the law, ‘spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion over that 2013–2022 period.’” (Sarah Kliff, “Romney’s Right: ObamaCare Cuts Medicare By $716 Billion. Here’s How.,” The Washington Post, 8/14/12)

Cut In Medicare Spending Per Iowa Medicare Enrollee Over The Next 10 Years Because Of Obamacare: $10,074. (Robert A. Book and Michael Ramlet, “What Is The Regional Impact Of The Medicare Fee-For-Service And Medicare Advantage Payment Reductions?” Carlson School Of Management, September 2012; CMS Website,, Accessed 8/12/13)


Bruce Braley has been in Washington for 8 years and was recently in Texas for a political fundraiser where he belittled Senator Chuck Grassley for being just a farmer, with no law degree. Additionally, during the 112th Congress, Braley skipped 75 percent of the full Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearings.