Bruce Braley Opens Door To Ending Guaranteed Social Security Benefits 

DES MOINES – Despite his hypocritical attack yesterday, just two years ago Washington liberal Bruce Braley opened the door to ending guaranteed Social Security benefits. 

During his re-election campaign, Braley said he would look at means testing – which would let the government determine which seniors are eligible for Social Security.

Notably, Braley has also told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that he would support raising the Social Security retirement age.

“Bruce Braley talks a big game about protecting guaranteed Social Security benefits, but he has actually opened the door to ending them,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “Between his statement for raising the Social Security retirement age and ending guaranteed Social Security benefits, why would seniors ever trust Bruce Braley?”


Bruce Braley Opens The Door To Ending Guaranteed Social Security Benefits.  “So one of the things we have to look at is how we can make it, how we can strengthen and preserve it for the next generation.  I will not privatize Social Security the way that Ben Lange has proposed and I will also make sure that we will look at options like means testing if that is a way to put more money into the trust fund over the long-term.” (Bruce Bruce Braley, U.S. House Of Representatives Debate On IPTV’s “Iowa Press,” Dubuque, Iowa, 11/1/12)

Bruce Braley Specifically Said He Would Consider Raising The Social Security Retirement Age“However, he’s willing to consider all options when it comes to ensuring the program’s long-term viability. … However, there aren’t many options he would rule out.  Braley called for ‘some modest adjustments.’  With life expectancy growing, raising the retirement age – similar to the adjustment made under the Reagan administration – might be necessary, Braley said.  (James Lynch, Braley Calls For `Some Modest Adjustments’ To Social Security, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, 10/20/06)