Iowa GOP chair contrasts backgrounds of SOS candidates, calls on Anderson to release client list

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DES MOINES—After the campaign of Paul Pate, the GOP nominee for Secretary of State, released a web video yesterday highlighting his service to IowaRepublican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann is highlighting the contrast between Pate and his Democrat opponent.

Democrats nominated Brad Anderson, a partisan political operative, as their candidate for Secretary of State. Anderson, a Chicago native, directed the 2012 campaign for President Barack Obama in Iowa.

Iowans have a clear choice for Secretary of State: Paul Pate, a proven public servant and small businessman, or Brad Anderson, a partisan operative,” said Kaufmann, a seventh generation livestock farmer and community college professor from Wilton. “Iowans will be better served with a chief elections officer who will run the office professionally and impartially instead of a Chicago-style partisan with a political axe to grind.

As detailed in a campaign web ad, Pate served as Secretary of State, Mayor of Cedar Rapids and in the State Senate. Pate is the owner of a paving construction firm. While serving as Cedar Rapids Mayor, Pate was elected president of the non-partisan Iowa League of Cities, representing over 870 municipalities.

In contrast, Anderson has spent his entire career as a partisan political operative, working as a hired gun for corporations (including energy companies and casino interests) and candidates such as disgraced former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C.

The Des Moines Register recently reported that even during the campaign Anderson continues his corporate and political advocacy, “toiling away in the press-release factory of his 9-to-5 at the Des Moines consulting firm Link Strategies.”

Link Strategies’ website features bare bones information on some of its clients, but Iowans deserve to know who Anderson really represents and what “services” he has provided them. Past clients include national Democrat committees, federal legislators, labor unions, and unnamed clients in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, according to the firm’s website. Anderson also works for a related firm, LPCA Public Strategies, which is “solely focused on connecting corporate clients with policy leaders and the public,” according to its website.

As a public figure running for Secretary of State, Brad Anderson should be fully transparent with Iowa voters and release a comprehensive list of his clients and projects,” Kaufmann said. “He wants to represent us, and we deserve to know who he represents.”