Senator John McCain Responds To Offensive Attack On Joni Ernst’s Military Record

DES MOINES – With Bruce Braley and his liberal allies sending out a mailer that shamelessly questions Lt. Colonel Joni Ernst’s commitment to her own soldiers, U.S. Senator John McCain released the following statement:

“I know first-hand that politics isn’t bean bag, but there’s always been a line between simply playing rough, and being truly out of bounds. Congressman Braley’s special interest allies have crossed that line. Joni Ernst is a veteran who honorably commanded American soldiers in Iraq. It is beyond offensive that Congressman Braley’s special interest allies would attack her service and her commitment to her soldiers. Congressman Braley and his Washington allies are running the most negative campaign Iowa has ever seen. But this time they’ve gone too far. Congressman Braley should do the right and decent thing and immediately condemn this disgusting attack.”