Bruce Braley Has Radical Plan To Bring Guantanamo Bay Terrorists To The Midwest

Terrorists Would Be Housed Less Than 3 Miles From Iowa Border

DES MOINES – While he remains silent about his plan for dealing with the continued terrorist threats posed to America by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Congressman Bruce Braley once vocally and enthusiastically supported President Obama’s proposal to relocate terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the Thomson Correctional Center, which is less than three miles from the Iowa border.

Congressman Braley inexplicably claimed that housing terrorists near Iowa would have created jobs and served as a boost to the state’s economy.

“Barack Obama and Bruce Braley don’t have a strategy for dealing with terrorism in the Middle East, but they do support closing Guantanamo Bay and relocating terrorists to a facility that is a mere three miles from Iowa,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Braley’s radical plan to house terrorists in Iowa’s backyard is flat out dangerous and further shows why he shouldn’t be elected to the U.S. Senate.”


Bruce Braley Supports Relocating Terrorists From Guantanamo Bay To The Midwest

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Republican lawmakers largely oppose the plan, raising questions about the safety of housing terrorism suspects and the deal’s true economic impact. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Dubuque, Iowa, and others said those fears are unfounded. “The time for fear-mongering is over,” Braley said. “I have listened to my constituents all week, and they have told me with a resounding voice they want these jobs to come to their area.” (The Associated Press, Report: Ill Prison Deal Could Create 3,000 Jobs, 11/22/09)

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Braley has toured the prison twice, once accompanied by Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin. Both say they support the prison plan.” (Nigel Duara, Iowa politics a player in detainee prison debate, The Associated Press, 11/23/09)

DES MOINES REGISTER: “‘I have had extensive conversations with people in Clinton, Jackson and Scott counties who will be the most dramatically affected by this. Both the local elected officials and business leaders are solidly in favor of this because of the potential to bring a billion dollars of economic impact to this area,’ Braley said.” (William Petroski, Federal Prison Decision Seen As $1 Billion Boost, The Des Moines Register, 12/16/09)

THE CLINTON HERALD: “Thomson prison appears to be the leading contender to host the detainees. U.S. Congressman Bruce Braley said after the tour with federal officials last week that Thomson was on the top of their list.” (Jason Nevel, Councils, Boards Show Support For Prison Transfer, The Clinton Herald, 11/25/09)