Iowa GOP: Young offers solutions, balanced approach in IPTV debate

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa—Republican Party of Iowa ​leaders released the following statement​s​ on Thursday’s Iowa Public Television debate between ​Third District congressional candidates David Young​, a former aide to Sen. Chuck Grassley,​ and Staci Appel​, a former liberal state senator and financial consultant​:

​”​Iowans saw a clear difference between ​David ​Young and Staci Appel during tonight’s debate. David’s experience ​advocating for Iowans on a broad range of issues combined with his proven record of solutions, delivered him a resounding victory​,” said Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann, a seventh-generation livestock farmer and community college professor from Wilton.​ “I served with Appel in the state legislature, and she is just as extreme and out of step with Iowa citizens now as she was then.”

“​Staci Appel demonstrated why she is Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked choice​ tonight​​,” Kaufmann said. “She ​offer​ed​ the same ​old, one-dimensional rhetoric without offering any substantive solutions. Iowans want their representative to have a robust knowledge of ​America’s challenges and pragmatic proposals, not someone who can only repeat ​dull talking points​ and tired attacks.”​

​”​David’s knowledge and understanding of the complex fiscal issues and​ his​ focus on creating a balanced​,​ responsible budget sets him apart​,” said Iowa GOP co-chairman Cody Hoefert, a Rock Rapids chiropractor and city councilor. “​His common​-​sense approach and determination to root out fraud and waste in Washington makes him the clear choice for ​voters. ​David’s solutions ​are a stark contrast to his opponent, who voted ​for the largest budget in Iowa history after voting against a government accountability office.”