Steak Fry Questions For Braley

Congressman Bruce Braley has done an impressive job of ducking and dodging reporters lately. If you’re in town for the Harkin Steak Fry and get a chance to speak with him then below are a few questions that you might want to consider asking Congressman Braley.

Why Did You The Side With The EPA Against Iowa Farmers, And Then Tell Iowans Otherwise?

  • On Tuesday, Bruce Braley Voted Against The Waters Of The United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act. “The purpose of H.R. 5078 is to preserve existing rights and responsibilities under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act with respect to Waters of the United States by prohibiting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (H.R. 5078, CQ Vote #489: Passed 262-152: R 227-1; D 35-151, 9/09/14, Braley Voted Nay)
  • On Thursday, Bruce Braley Told Iowa Farmers That He’d Protect Them From The EPA Rule He Voted To Advance. “That’s why I’m committed to Iowa’s farmers and am working to make sure that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not moving forward on a “Waters of the U.S.” rule that would place new, burdensome requirements on Iowa farmers. (Bruce Braley, Congressional Email To Supporters, 09/11/14)

Do You Support Closing Down Guantanamo Bay And Bringing Terrorists To The Midwest? 

  • Bruce Braley Wants To Bring Guantanamo Bay Detainees To Thomson Prison. “Braley voted June 19, 2014 against an amendment to a Department of Defense appropriations bill prohibiting the use of funds to transfer or release detainees to their country of origin or to any other foreign country. He also supported an amendment allowing funds to modify any U.S. facility to house any individual detained at Guantanamo, according to congressional records.” (Thomas Barton, “Ernst Allies Attack Braley’s Support For Prision Facility,” Telegraph Herald, 09/12/14)

Would You Vote To Give President Obama Authority For Military Strikes In The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?

  • “President Obama has authorized the Pentagon to target and kill leaders of the Islamic State militant group, with the organization’s head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being at the top of the administration’s list.” (Obama approves US airstrikes in Syria, vows to target ISIS ‘wherever they exist’, Fox News, 09/10/14)

Do You Support President Obama Unilaterally Declaring Amnesty For Illegal Aliens?

  • Bruce Braley Voted Against A Bill That Would Prevent President Obama From Issuing An Executive Order Declaring Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants.“Passage of the bill that would bar any federal agency from issuing, after July 30, 2014, policies that would expand the number of immigrants eligible for deferred action, the 2012 executive memorandum on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, unless explicitly authorized by law — effectively blocking deportation relief from being provided to any additional illegal immigrants. It also would prohibit the federal government from newly authorizing deferred action for any class of immigrants who do not have lawful immigration status.”(H.R. 5272, CQ Vote #479: Passed 216-192: R 212-11; D 4-181, 8/1/14, Braley Voted Nay)

Given Your Loyal Allegiance to President Obama, And Your Upcoming Visits From The First Lady And Vice President Biden, When Are You Going To Campaign With The President?