Iowa GOP chair: Appel refusal to pull terrorist passports a dangerous, ignorant response to ISIS threat

DES MOINES—Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann today denounced statements from last week’s Iowa Press debate in which Democrat Staci Appel, who is running for Congress in Iowa’s Third District, said she would not take away the passports of known American terrorists who admit to joining organizations such as the Islamic State, or ISIS.

During the debate, Appel stated: “I would not be urging taking away their passports,” adding, “I think we need to make sure that we work through the system and look through it on a very diligent basis.”

“Staci Appel was asked outright if she would confiscate passports from known American terrorists and inconceivably said she wouldn’t,” said Kaufmann, a seventh-generation livestock farmer and community college professor from Wilton. “This is a dangerous and ignorant position, and it is clear she does not fully understand the threat posed by the new Islamic State.”

As a leader in the Iowa House of Representatives, Kaufmann served with Appel, a former one-term state senator.

“The security of the United States should be a top concern, and Appel has spectacularly failed this leadership test. It’s simply shocking how naive she is on foreign policy issues,” Kaufmann said. “In contrast, David Young understands the dangerous threat posed by Islamic radicals, and he will do everything in his power to keep Iowa families safe. We simply can’t risk our safety and security with a vote for his opponent.”