Braley’s Awful Week

The News That Drove The Week … 

WHO-TV reports that a new Quinnipiac Poll shows that Joni Ernst is leading Congressman Bruce Braley.  A new poll released Wednesday morning shows Republican Joni Ernst with a lead over Democrat Bruce Braley in the race for the U.S. Senate to replace Sen. Tom Harkin. The poll, released by Quinnipiac University, shows Ernst with a 50-44 percent lead over Braley among likely voters. … Among independent voters, Ernst leads Braley 50-43 percent.

  • Fox News reports that Ernst is tied with Braley. Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst are tied among likely voters in the Iowa Senate contest at 41 percent each.
  • Rasmussen reports that Ernst and Braley are all knotted up. Iowa Senate: Ernst (R) 43%, Braley (D) 43%

Radio Iowa reports that Senator Grassley took Braley to task for misleading Iowans about a vote he took that hurt Iowan farmers.  Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has issued a carefully worded written statement that takes aim at a vote at Democrat Bruce Braley’s vote took in the U.S. Houseagainst Iowans last week. Republicans in the U.S. House voted to block the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing rules that farmers fear would give the agency authority to regulate water in ditches, farm ponds and tile lines. Grassley called that House bill “a thoughtful approach to the problem” and an “easy” yes vote for “anybody who has talked to Iowans in the last couple of months.” Braley, who is running for the U.S. Senate this year, voted no. Grassley didn’t mention Braley by name, but Grassley said in the statement that it’s “too bad the entire Iowa delegation didn’t get the message” to vote yes.

Then Braley displayed his arrogance on national television by blasting his neighbor over his legal threat because a chicken stepped onto his property. As CNN reports:“‘What’s so strange about this story is it’s an example of where, when somebody else’s animals are in your yard, you’re the bad neighbor,’ Braley said.”

After making disparaging remarks against the people of Iowa, Braley remains disconnected with Iowans. As the Los Angeles Times reports: There’s an urgent need for Braley to connect with Iowa’s voters on more favorable terms, analysts say.

Faced with reality that Braley is a liability to his own campaign, one of his strategists admits that there’re deliberately keeping their flawed candidate out of his own ads.  As the Associated Press reports[Jeff Link] also argued that Braley is getting to know Iowans through a variety of means, not just television ads.

There’s no love lost between Braley’s decision to back disgraced trial lawyer John Edwards for President, as Bill Clinton came into Iowa and quickly butchered his name. As the Des Moines Register reports: This morning, an Iowa politics watcher called attention to the very last line in the former president’s speech. “Wonder how Bruce Braley felt when President Clinton called him ‘Bailey’ at the steak fry,” said Jeff Stein, a radio host and political analyst.

Joni Ernst took Braley to task for his statement in support of raising the Social Security retirement age. As Radio Iowa reportsDuring that event Ernst criticized Braley for saying in 2006 during his first campaign for congress that raising the retirement age could be an option for fixing the Social Security system.

Finally, after tooting his horn about his alleged accomplishments, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Braley’s single legislative accomplishment is a law that requires documents to be written in plain English. Republicans are bashing Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) for only managing to pass one piece of sponsored legislation into law during his four terms in Congress. Braley sponsored the “Plain Writing Act of 2010,” which became law in October of that year. That is the only bill he sponsored that was written into law during his tenure in the House.