Barack Obama Says He’ll Come To Iowa, Make Calls & Lick Envelopes For Congressman Braley

DES MOINES – President Barak Obama has always been fond of his loyal foot soldier Congressman Bruce Braley and even bragged about licking envelopes and making calls for him.

Notably, Braley has said that he’d welcome President Obama to Iowa if he wanted to campaign for him.

“Congressman Braley is a fierce supporter of President Obama’s agenda of higher taxes and more spending, so it’s no wonder the President has licked envelopes and made campaign calls for him in the past,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “With Congressman Braley refusing to stand up for Iowa against Obama’s push for bigger government, it’s no wonder he supports the Congressman.”


President Obama Has Licked Envelopes & Made Calls For Bruce Braley

President Barack Obama Said He Licked Envelopes And Made Phone Calls For Bruce Braley. NPR’s DAVID GREENE: “President Obama – well, then-Senator Barack Obama – campaigned for you in ’06, I mean was up there saying that he would do anything to get you elected, even lick envelopes if it took that.” BARACK OBAMA: “We’ll lick envelopes. If we’ve got to make phone calls for Bruce Braley, then we’ll make phone calls. If I’ve got to come back to Iowa to campaign for Bruce Braley, I’ll come back to Iowa.” (NPR’s “Morning Edition,”, 12/26/12)