RPI Response To Braley’s Event In Iowa City

Good afternoon folks –

With Congressman Bruce Braley holding an event at the University of Iowa, we wanted to pass along this statement from the Republican Party of Iowa:

“In an effort to jumpstart his lethargic campaign, Congressman Braley is once again turning to controlled events. Students should be wary of Congressman Braley, given that many recent graduates are underemployed because his support of job-killing regulations and higher taxes, which has made it harder for businesses to hire graduates.” said RPI spokesman Jahan Wilcox.


A New Report Reveals That More And More College Graduates Are Underemployed.“Today’s recent college graduates are more likely to work in jobs that don’t require a degree, pay little, and are part-time than in the past, according to new research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” (College Graduates Are Increasingly Likely To Work Low-Quality Jobs, Think Progress, 01/17/14)