Congressman Braley Afraid To Discuss His Washington Record Opts For Private Events


DES MOINES – While Joni Ernst continues her 99 county tour, Congressman Braley is opting for a private happy hour this evening because he’s afraid to have an open and honest conversation with Iowans about his record.

Throughout his campaign, Braley has developed a pattern of attending controlled events where he won’t have to answer the following questions:

  • Why did he skip 75 percent of the Veterans’ Affairs hearings?
  • Why did he suggest raising the Social Security retirement age?
  • Why did his healthcare law cut over $716 billion from Medicare?
  • Why did he flip-flop on the pro-jobs Keystone XL Pipeline?
  • Why did he vote with Nancy Pelosi over 95 percent of the time?

“While Joni Ernst is visiting with voters in all 99 counties, Congressman Braley is sticking to private events that shield him from answering questions about his Washington record,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “If Braley can’t field questions about his support for raising the Social Security retirement age or why he gutted $716 billion from Medicare then clearly he’s unfit to represent Iowans in the United States Senate.”


Braley Is Opting For Private Events

Braley Will Attend Another Private Event Tonight. “Please join our hosts Lynzey and Adam Kenworthy, Michael Kuehner, Christine and Rob Sand for a happy hour fundraising reception in support of candidate for U.S. Senate Congressman Bruce Braley. Thursday, September 25th 5:30 – 7:00pm; Grefe and Sidney Law Firm, 500 E. Court Ave, Suite 200, Des Moines, IA.” (Young Professionals Reception with Congressman Bruce Braley Fundraising Invite, 09/25/14)

Because He Refuses To Take Questions About His Record In Washington

Braley Skipped Over 75 Percent Of His Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings.  Democratic U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley missed 75 percent of meetings for a committee that provides oversight over the Veterans Administration, including one meeting on a day he attended three fundraisers for his 2012 campaign. (Braley under fire for missing VA oversight meetings, Des Moines Register, 07/21/14)

Braley Specifically Said He Would Consider Raising The Social Security Retirement Age. “However, he’s willing to consider all options when it comes to ensuring the program’s long-term viability. … However, there aren’t many options he would rule out.  Braley called for ‘some modest adjustments.’  With life expectancy growing, raising the retirement age – similar to the adjustment made under the Reagan administration – might be necessary, Braley said(James Lynch, Braley Calls For `Some Modest Adjustments’ To Social Security, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, 10/20/06)

Braley’s ObamaCare Cuts Medicare By $716 Billion“First, where it comes from. OnJuly 24, the Congressional Budget Office sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, detailing the budget impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act. If Congress overturned the law, ‘spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion over that 2013–2022 period.’” (Sarah Kliff, “Romney’s Right: ObamaCare Cuts Medicare By $716 Billion. Here’s How.,” The Washington Post, 8/14/12)

After Voting To Approve The Keystone XL Pipeline In Committee Markup, Braley Has Consistently Voted To Oppose Construction On The Project. (H.R. 3, Agreed To Report To House By Committee 30-18, 4/17/13, Braley Voted Yea; H.R. 3, Roll Call #179: Passed 241-175: R 222-0, D 19-174)

Braley Supports Nancy Pelosi’s Agenda 96.5 Percent Of The Time.  “In the 112th Congress, Bruce Braley support Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 94 percent of the time.  In the 111th Congress, Bruce Braley supported Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 98.5 percent of the time.  In the 110th, Congress Bruce Braley supported Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 97 percent of the time.” (Congressional Quarterly, Member Ratings of Rep. Braley, Accessed October 23, 2013)