Iowa GOP: Ernst’s commanding performance vs. Braley’s bumbles at first debate

INDIANOLA, Iowa—Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement after tonight’s U.S. Senate debate at Simpson College between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley.

“For the first time Iowans got the chance to see Bruce Braley attempt to defend his 8-year Washington, D.C. record—supporting higher taxes, imposing more regulations on farmers and restricting individual liberty—on the same stage as Lt. Col. Joni Ernst,” said Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann, a  The contrast could not be clearer.

Joni Ernst delivered a commanding performance. Ernst reassured Iowans that her experience at the State Capitol to lower taxes and increase good-paying jobs as well as her courage fighting for our country overseas in the Iowa Army National Guard is exactly what’s needed to represent their interests in Washington. D.C.

While Braley has the backing of trial lawyers and California billionaires who oppose ethanol and farmers’ rights against an overbearing federal government, Ernst has the support of hardworking Iowans, and that will make all the difference. Joni Ernst will never forget where she she came from. Braley, a rubber stamp for the Obama administration, forgot before he even left.