Congressman Braley Changes Position On ObamaCare At Debate


Congressman Braley Changes Position On ObamaCare At Debate

DES MOINES – Last night, as he desperately tried to right his sinking campaign, Congressman Braley said that ObamaCare needs to fixed, which is a sharp departure from his previous position of refusing to change anything in the law.


Don’t forget, Braley was tasked by Nancy Pelosi to round-up the votes to pass ObamaCare and even gave the closing argument in support of it.

“After proudly declaring that he read every page of ObamaCare and that he wouldn’t change anything in the law, Congressman Braley is now singing a different tune,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “This is just more of Congressman Braley being willing to say anything to get elected and is just another example of why voters can’t trust him in the U.S. Senate.”


Braley Says ObamaCare Needs To Be Fixed

Congressman Braley Now Thinks ObamaCare Needs To Be Fixed. “Well, this is an issue where there is a clear difference between us.  I think that the Affordable Care Act needs to be fixed and improved.” (Bruce Braley, Debate, 09/28/14)

Braley Says He Would Not Fix Anything From ObamaCare

Braley Said He Wouldn’t Vote To Repeal Anything In ObamaCare: “No, I Wouldn’t Vote To Repeal Anything That Is In The Bill …” IPTV’S DEAN BORG: “Mr. Braley, let’s go back to the federal healthcare. You ticked off a number of things you said are good for Iowans. Are there some things that you wish weren’t in that bill that you would vote to repeal?” BRALEY: “No, I wouldn’t vote to repeal anything that is in the bill.” (IPTV’s “Iowa Press,” 10/8/10)

Let’s Not Forget Braley Said He Read Every Page Of ObamaCare

Braley Said On ObamaCare, “You’re Damn Right I Read The Bill” And “I Had Every Page Highlighted.” BEN LANGE: “I know you mentioned read the bill.  You’re telling us that you read 2700 pages” BRALEY: “You’re damn right I read the bill.  I took it to every — I took it to every one of my 17 town hall meetings, Ben and if you had come to them you would have seen that.” BEN LANGE: “2700 pages in the middle of the night” BRALEY: “I had every page highlighted, I had my handwritten notes in the margin and I had tabs there.  I take my job very seriously, Ben.” (Rep. Bruce Braley, U.S. House Of Representatives Debate On IPTV’s “Iowa Press,” Dubuque, Iowa, 11/1/12)