Congressman Bruce Braley Is Clueless About His Syria Vote

DES MOINES – Congressman Bruce Braley said that he read every page of ObamaCare, but when it came to the most important vote this year, which authorized President Obama to arm Syrian rebels with weapons to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), he didn’t even take the time to read the bill.

During Sunday’s debate, Braley falsely claimed that he voted to give President Obama authority for military strikes, but according to the New York Times the legislationexplicitly said that it was not 
an authorization of force against ISIS.

As Fox News reports:  

“It’s remarkable that Congressman Braley didn’t even know what the most important vote of the year in Congress was about,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “It’s unbelievable that Congressman Braley voted for a resolution regarding ISIS without knowing what it was actually about.” 


Congressman Braley Said He Gave President Obama Authorization For Military Strikes In The Middle East

CONGRESSMAN BRALEY: “I recently had the opportunity to vote to give the president limited authority to begin strikes against terrorists in Iraq and Syria.” (Congressman Bruce Braley, Debate, 09/28/14)

Yet No Such Vote Has Happened As Congress Only Voted On Giving President Obama Authority To Provide The Syrian Rebels With Weapons

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “An unusual but overwhelming coalition in the House votedWednesday to authorize the training and arming of Syrian rebels to confront the militant Islamic State, backing President Obama after he personally pleaded for support. … Language specifies that the measure is not a broad authorization of force against the Islamic State.” (Jonathan Wiseman, House Votes to Authorize Aid to Syrian Rebels in ISIS Fight, The New York Times, 09/29/14)