Braley’s Ad Fails To Explain Why He Missed 75% Of The VA Hearings

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Earlier today, Congressman Braley released his first ad regarding the fact that he skipped 75 percent of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearings.

It’s worth noting that Braley never explained why he consistently missed these VA hearings, how he managed to have the second-lowest attendance rate on the committee or why on a few occasions he was able to attend fundraisers for himself but on the same day was unable to attend these important meetings.

If you’re reporting on this news below is a statement and research from the Republican Party of Iowa:

“Congressman Braley continues to dodge the fact that he skipped 75 percent of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearings. Between failing to attend the VA hearings and voting to defund our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Congressman Braley can’t be trusted to look out for our brave men and women who have defended our country.” – Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox


Congressman Braley Skipped 75 Percent Of The Veterans’ Affairs Hearings

Congressman Braley Skipped 75 Percent Of The Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings. Democratic U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley missed 75 percent of meetings for a committee that provides oversight over the Veterans Administration, including one meeting on a day he attended three fundraisers for his 2012 campaign. (Braley under fire for missing VA oversight meetings, Des Moines Register, 07/21/14)

  • On September 30, 2014, While Meeting With The Sioux City Journal’sEditorial Board Congressman Braley Accepted The Fact That He Skipped 75 Percent Of The VA Committee Hearings. “Braley did not say outright that the 75 percent figure was incorrect.” (Braley, appearing in Sioux City, defends record on veterans issues, Sioux City Journal, 09/30/14)

The Washington Examiner Reports That Braley Had The Second Lowest Attendance Record For The Veterans’ Affairs Committee.  This also gives him the second-lowest attendance record for the committee, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of committee minutes.  Only Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., had a worse attendance record (at 16 percent). The average attendance rate for the committee was 60 percent, and just 15 of the 24 members had attendance rates above 50 percent.  (Ashe Schow, Bruce Braley Missed 79 Percent Of Full Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings As Scandal Heated Up, The Washington Examiner, 07/22/14)

Congressman Braley Voted To Defund Our Troops In Iraq & Afganistan

In May 2007, Braley Voted Against Funding The Troops In Iraq. (H.R. 2206, Roll Call #425: Passed 280-142, D 80-140, R 194-2, 5/24/07, Braley Voted Nay)

In July 2012, Braley Voted Against The Defense Appropriations Bill That Funds The Troops In Afghanistan, And Gives Them A Pay Raise. (H.R. 5856, Roll Call Vote #498: Passed 326-90, D 101-79, R 225-11, 7/19/12, Braley Voted Nay)