Congressman Braley Doubles-Down On His False Statement That He Gave Authority For Military Strikes In The Islamic State

DES MOINES – Congressman Bruce Braley is a typical Washington politician who clearly doesn’t like being told he’s wrong. When confronted by the Sioux City Journal about his probably false statement about voting to authorize military strikes, Congressman Braley not only didn’t back down, he doubled-down on his false statement.
As the Sioux City Journal reports:

“The arrogance of Congressman Braley doubling-down on his misleading claim that he voted to authorize military strikes in the Islamic State is remarkable,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “The fact that Braley can’t even admit he was clueless about what the most important vote on Capitol Hill actually authorized, raises serious questions on if he can be trusted in the Senate.”


Bruce Braley Says He Voted To ‘Give The President Limited Authority To Begin Strikes’ Against ISIS
Louis Jacobson
October 1, 2014