Braley & Obama Agree That Midterm Elections Are A Referendum On The President


DES MOINES – President Obama and Congressman Braley agree on most things – ObamaCare, amnesty and higher taxes – and yesterday they agreed on what the midterm elections are all about: A referendum on the President’s agenda.

During his 2010 midterm election, Congressman Braley proudly said that his election was a referendum on the President and yesterday the President echoed similar remarks.

“Congressman Braley and Barack Obama already agree on ObamaCare and amnesty and now they both agree that this election is a referendum on the President’s failed policies,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “If you support amnesty or ObamaCare, then there’s no better man who will continuing rubberstamping Barack Obama’s failed agenda than Congressman Braley.”


Yesterday Barack Obama Said The Midterm Election Was A Referendum On Him

Which Includes Issues Like ObamaCare & Amnesty 

Congressman Braley Voted For ObamaCare(H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #165: Motion agreed to, thus clearing the bill for the president 219-212: R 0-178; D 219-34, 3/21/10, BraleyVoted Yea)

Congressman Braley Voted Against A Bill That Would Prevent President Obama From Issuing An Executive Order Declaring Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants. “Passage of the bill that would bar any federal agency from issuing, after July 30, 2014, policies that would expand the number of immigrants eligible for deferred action, the 2012 executive memorandum on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, unless explicitly authorized by law — effectively blocking deportation relief from being provided to any additional illegal immigrants. It also would prohibit the federal government from newly authorizing deferred action for any class of immigrants who do not have lawful immigration status.”(H.R. 5272, CQ Vote #479: Passed 216-192: R 212-11; D 4-181, 8/1/14, Braley Voted Nay)