Before Lying About War Authorization Vote, Congressman Braley Voted To Bar ANY Funding To Fight Terrorists In Iraq

DES MOINES – Before Congressman Bruce Braley wrongly told Iowans that that he voted to authorize military strikes against ISIL the congressional record reveals that just three months ago Congressman Braley voted to bar funding for US troops to fight ISIL in Iraq.

Congressman Braley proudly supported California Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s legislation that barred funding for ANY combat mission to fight terrorists in Iraq.

“Congressman Braley lied about voting to authorize military strikes in Syria, because he deliberately wanted to mislead voters from his actual vote to bar ANY funding to fight terrorists in Iraq,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Given his repeated lies, Congressman Braley cannot be trusted on this important matter regarding the security of our country.”


Despite His Lie At The Debate About A War Authorization Vote In Congress

Braley Voted To Bar Funding Against ANY Combat Operation In Iraq

In June 2014, Bruce Braley Voted For An Amendment To The Defense Appropriations Bill That Would Have Barred Funding For Any Combat Operations In Iraq. “Lee, D-Calif., amendment that would bar the use of funds in the bill for any combat operations in Iraq.” (H.R. 4870, CQ Vote #325: Rejected in Committee of the Whole 165-250: R 23-206; D 142-44, 6/19/14, Braley Voted Yea)

ROLL CALL: “With President Barack Obama grappling with how to respond to the escalating violence in Iraq and the rapid rise of an insurgent terrorist organization there, House Democrats have spoken: They overwhelmingly want to cut off funding for combat in the region, especially boots on the ground. Late Thursday, 142 Democrats and a handful of Republicans joined forces behind an amendment to the fiscal 2015 defense appropriations bill that would have barred any spending on combat operations in Iraq.” (Emma Dumain, “House Democrats Overwhelmingly Vote Against Funding Combat Operations In Iraq,” Roll Call, 6/20/14)