Response To O’Malley’s Visit To Iowa For Braley

With Congressman Bruce Braley campaigning with the Governor of Maryland today, wanted to pass along the following statement from the Republican Party of Iowa:

“After giving us an update on his Baltimore Orioles in last night’s debate, it’s only fitting for Congressman Braley to spend today with the Governor of Maryland. Braley’s agenda of higher taxes and more spending fits more with Maryland than Iowa and it’s just another reminder why we can’t trust the Congressman.” Jahan Wilcox, Republican Party of Iowa spokesman


“[Braley] also attempted a lighter moment that fell flat, reporting the score of the Orioles’ baseball game to one of the debate panelists before answering a question about Social Security. It seemed canned and out of place.” (Debate: Braley, Ernst Attack Over Billionaire Bogeymen, The Des Moines Register, 10/11/14)