Response To Warren’s Visit To Iowa For Braley

If you’re reporting on the news that Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren is set to campaign for Congressman Bruce Braley, then wanted to pass along the following statement and research from the Republican Party of Iowa:

“Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren proudly said the she and Congressman Braley share the same values, which is disturbing given that she fiercely opposes support for farmers in Iowa. Given his allegiance to Senator Warren and her crusade against helping farmers, it’s clear Congressman Braley cannot be trusted.” Jahan Wilcox, Republican Party of Iowa spokesman


Elizabeth Warren Says Congressman Braley Shares Her Values

Senator Elizabeth Warren Proudly Proclaimed That She Shares The Same Values As Congressman Bruce Braley. “In the email, Warren says she’s ‘going to Iowa because Bruce Braley shares our values.’” (Warren To Campaign For Braley In Iowa, Associated Press, 10/13/14)

Values That Include Opposing Help For Farmers In Iowa

Warren’s “Balanced Approach” Relied On Cutting Farm Subsidies: “We Need To Make Cuts To Agriculture Subsidies.” WARREN: “I believe we need to make cuts, we need to make cuts to agriculture subsidies. We need to make cuts in our defense budget, targeted cuts. We need to end the war in Afghanistan, that’s $2 billion a week.” (Elizabeth Warren, 2012 Massachusetts Senate Debate, Boston, MA, 9/22/12)

Warren Put Agriculture Subsidies First On The Chopping Block To Resolve The Fiscal Cliff. “Asked where she might be willing to accept federal spending cuts, Warren said, ‘Agriculture subsidies. Also, we quit one war. We’re winding out of Iraq. That’s $2 billion a week that we can use to pay down our deficit to spend here at home, so we got two right off the top.’” (Matt Murphy, “Sen.-Elect Warren Walking Up To Fiscal Cliff,” Eagle Tribune, 11/7/12)