Joni Ernst To Congressman Braley: You Said You Wouldn’t Change Anything In Obamacare


JONI ERNST:  Under Obamacare, there are still 31 million Americans that will not have health care. The Congressman has stated costs will not go up, but we are seeing heavy increasing costs because of policy cancellations. You’ve stated just a few years back that you would not change a thing about Obamacare, and yet today you are saying, opps yeah we do need to make some changes to the bill. You said you read every page of this bill. You tabbed it, you highlighted it. So either you didn’t understand what was in the bill or you were misleading Iowans and I don’t know which one is worse.

Flashback To The 2010 Debate

Braley Said On ObamaCare, “You’re Damn Right I Read The Bill” And “I Had Every Page Highlighted.”  BEN LANGE: “I know you mentioned read the bill.  You’re telling us that you read 2700 pages” BRALEY: “You’re damn right I read the bill.  I took it to every — I took it to every one of my 17 town hall meetings, Ben and if you had come to them you would have seen that.” BEN LANGE: “2700 pages in the middle of the night” BRALEY: “I had every page highlighted, I had my handwritten notes in the margin and I had tabs there.  I take my job very seriously, Ben.” (Rep. Bruce Braley, U.S. House Of Representatives Debate On IPTV’s “Iowa Press,” Dubuque, Iowa, 11/1/12)