Braley Admits He’s Part Of The Problem In Washington

Braley’s closing remarks is similar to his recent ad where he tells voters that he and his colleagues on Capitol Hill spend too much time talking at each other and not enough time getting things done.

That is an indictment of his own record. Not only has Congressman Braley voted with Nancy Pelosi over 95 percent of the time, he’s only been able to get 1 bill signed into law during his 8 years in Congress.

If you’re reporting on this, below is a statement and research from the Republican Party of Iowa:

“After voting with Nancy Pelosi over 95 percent of the time and only get 1 bill in 8 years signed into law, Congressman Braley admitted that he’s part of the problem in Congress. It’s laughable that anyone would trust Congressman Braley to fix the mess out in Washington when he’s part of the problem.” Jahan Wilcox, Republican Party of Iowa spokesman


Congressman Braley Admits That He’s Part Of The Problem In Washington

CONGRESSMAN BRALEY: “Congress isn’t working right now and part of the reason is because of partisan gridlock. And one of the reasons for that gridlock is people who aren’t willing to work together to get things done.” (Congressman Bruce Braley, Debate, 10/16/14)

Bruce Braley Supports Nancy Pelosi’s Agenda 96.5 Percent Of The Time. “In the 112th Congress, Bruce Braley support Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 94 percent of the time. In the 111th Congress, Bruce Braley supported Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 98.5 percent of the time. In the 110th, Congress Bruce Braley supported Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 97 percent of the time.” (Congressional Quarterly, Member Ratings of Rep. Braley, Accessed October 23, 2013)

The Hill Reported That Congressman Braley Was Part Of Nancy Pelosi’s “Go-To Gang.” “Pelosi’s ability to unite Democrats and get the tough bills passed derives from her powers of persuasion and careful vote counting. And part of counting votes is knowing whom you can count on in a pinch. Here are some of the key Democrats Pelosi is likely to turn to as the voting on healthcare reform comes down to the wire, along with two hard-to-get votes…Rep. Bruce Braley (Iowa): Braley replaced Republican Jim Nussle. His ambition has impressed Democratic leaders and earned him a slot on the Energy and Commerce Committee, where he voted for the bill in committee. After the bailout bill failed in 2008, Braley was one of the Democrats who switched to pass it the next month.” (Mike Soraghan, “Pelosi Has Go-To Gang On Big Votes,” The Hill, 10/28/09)

Congressman Braley Referred To Former DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel As “My Former Drill Sargent.” “Rep. Bruce Braley, Iowa’s 1st District congressman from Waterloo who referred to Emanuel as ‘my former drill sergeant’ for the mayor’s former House Democratic leadership days, urged his fellow Democrats to ‘recapture that hope and change feeling’ heading into the 2012 campaign season. ‘We’ve got a lot of hard work to do. Let’s get to work,’ Braley said.” (Rod Boshart, “Chicago Mayor Rallies Iowa Democrats For Obama,” The Gazette, 11/19/11)